Is Shop To Earn Any Better Than ShopWurld or Ei42?

by Ket-Sang Tai

Shop To Earn is a new network marketing company offering personal online shops and cashback on purchases to its members. It operates a similar business model as ShopWurld and Ei42.

In simple term, members get their own online shops and the shops are affiliated with multiple online and high street retailers. When members buy goods using their own websites, the retailers will pay an affiliate commission. This commission is shared between the company, members (as cashback) and members’ downlines. You can choose to use the website for your own shopping or you can build a business around it.

How is it different from Ei42 and ShopWurld?
First of all, we need to know what Ei42 and ShopWurld are. Ei42 started in United Kingdom and has recently opened in US. It is free to join and it pays commission down to 7 levels. There is no limit to the number of people you have in any single level. There is no difference in joining as a user or business builder. ShopWurld is started in US and it is also free to join but members/distributors need to maintain certain volume per month to qualify for various membership levels. It pays commission down to 8 levels but you can only have 5 people on each level. There are other types of bonus and commission payment. It has more retailers on board than Ei42.

Shop To Earn’s Unique Selling Propositions.

1. Its emphasis on being Green.

Beside a ShopToEarn shop, you also get a ShopToEarth shop which sells environmental friendly products. With the world focusing on being green, this is indeed an excellent selling point.

2. The front end fast start commission.

Unlike the other two companies, it is not free to join. It costs between $350 to $450 to get started. This means it is in a position to offer good fast start bonuses to its members who sponsor new members. This immediate cashflow is important in keeping members in business at the beginning.

These two points make it a better company then the other two, at least in my own opinion. Of course there are other things you need to look at like the foundation and management of the company, the range of products available, the marketing plan and the training offered.

Regardless of which company you decide to get involved in, it is important that you learn about online marketing, especially social media marketing. Simply approaching friends and family just doesn’t work anymore. You need to have an online marketing plan and blueprint. More information about that can be found at here.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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