iLearningGlobal -3 Things I didn’t Know About

by Ket-Sang Tai

New Business StrategiesMy good friend and previous business partner Shush Arya has been telling me about iLearningGlobal business opportunity for months. I didn’t pay much attention because I have been busy with my internet marketing and training business and there are a few things I don’t like about iLearningGlobal which made me thinks it is not a viable opportunity.

Out of the many things, there are 3 major information which I didn’t know before, or otherwise I would have joined him 8 months ago. If you are looking at this business and are hesitating, this article might help you make your decision.

1. The founder John McLelland was a network marketer himself who made 6 figures a month residual income. My initial concern was that despite having a great product, the management team lacks network marketing experience. This is very important because if the person who makes decision at the top of the company is not a network marketer at heart, he will not understand what we need and he will not feel comfortable when a distributor make more money than the management team. This happened to someone I know before. The management team was not happy that he was earning more money than them and changed the compensation plan.

John McLelland understands network marketing and he will have no problem if a distributor make a 6 figure a month residual income from iLearningGlobal.

2. iLearningGlobal is not against internet marketing. I know a lot of companies do not allow their distributors to do internet marketing. When I first look at iLearningGlobal’s policy, it appears to me that internet marketing is strongly prohibited. Of course as an internet marketer, that is no good for me at all. However, I recently found out that although the policy is there, they are really not strict about it. My friend actually has permission to market online and he can even have a domain with the company name on it! This obviously changed my perception totally.

3. iLearningGlobal has more than 90% retention rate. Personally I think this is huge and amazing. No other companies can achieve that. I am surprised that they have not used that as a selling point. I have to dig this information out myself and I was totally gobsmacked after I have confirmed this with many sources. What does that mean? It means people in your team are actually either liking the product or making money and they want to stay. Your organisation will grow faster than ever.

I hope they will make these information more readily available to people doing research on the company and it will only do them good.

If you want to find out more about iLearningGlobal, you can fill in the form below to take a step by step guided tour.


To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Maureen

    I appreciate your efforts of showing me the best ways of making it work. My problem right now is to get connected thats all. I promise you it wont be long.About the webnar that i should be joining you . The ting doesnt suits me. I knock off at 16h00 , thereafter I dont have an access to an internet.

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