How To Avoid Google & YouTube Slap?

by Ket-Sang Tai

Google and YouTube slap is a nightmare for marketers, especially if you are depending on these marketing methods for you regular income. So what is Google and YouTube slap?

In term of Google, it is mainly concerned with Adwords. If you are not doing adwords marketing, then you are fine. In order to increase users’ experience, Google tries to improve the quality of advertisements shown on their sponsored listing area. The signs of being slapped include being asked to bid ridiculously high price for the first page or your ads are not showing for no clear reason.

To avoid this, you have to make sure you follow these steps:
1. Separate search and content campaigns.
2. Have very tight ad groups.
3. Make sure you have a good CTR by making your ads closely related to your keywords
4. Have a unique and relevant landing page! Promoting a standard affiliate site with no customization is a recipe for disaster. I use a fully customization system to build a highly relevent and Google friendly landing page.

YouTube slap is slightly different. Basically YouTube is shuting down users who try to trick the system to gain an unfair advantage and for self interest. Such activities include having multiple accounts purely for marketing purposes, posting same or similar videos multiple times, posting copyrighted materials and using software to artifically increase subcribers and friends number. The latter point is slightly controversial. I believe it is reasonable if it is done in a moderate way. At the end of the day, we as marketers need to use leverage to save time and increase return.

What is written above is by no mean a comprehensive explanation and it is based on my personal and close associates’ experience. It is meant to give you a rough idea of what it is about. MLSP recently hold a webinar on this topic and I find it extremely helpful. It also teaches people how to rebuild their account after being slapped.

Good luck with your marketing and I hope you will not be the next victim.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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