Is Google Adwords Too Expensive For Home Business Owner?

by Ket-Sang Tai

People keep telling me Google Adwords is too expensive and they can’t afford it. They think they have to spend thousands of dollars every month and they can lose a lot of money quickly. Before I tell you the truth, I want you to look at 2 screenshots I took from one of the Google Adwords campaign I tested recently.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge)



As you can see, I generated 476 leads in the month of July, spending £449.53 (USD 740), which equals to $1.55 per lead. This is incredible in the competitive home business market. Not even industry gurus can do that.

At the same period of time, I generated USD 776 from these leads, not taking into account of any upsells or people who join my business. So basically I got 476 leads for free. This is only from one of my Google Adwords campaigns.

I am sorry I have to black out some of the details as this can only be shared with my team and business partners.

So what is the Secret?

Really there is no secret. I wasted a lot of money in the past on advertising because I didn’t take time to learn it properly. The important thing is to recognise that it is not hard, but it does require you to take time to learn it properly. Take one step at a time, start with a low budget and be willing to learn. It is also important to find someone who know what they are doing and learn from them.

Lead generation is the number one skill network marketers and internet marketers need to learn. If you can master it, you will be someone people look up to and want to work with. If you can achieve that, signing up customers and new business partners will just become automatic, with no sweat.

If you want to learn about Pay Per Click marketing, here are two very useful resources:

PPC Domination

Definite Guide To Google Adwords

Or join my team and learn to be a master marketer. Find out more information by filling in the form below.


To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • aleciastringer

    Great results. Taking the time to get an education is key. Results in online marketing will follow your education.

  • Ket, That is awesome!! Those are some amazing results. I can't believe you are only paying $1.55 per lead.

  • Cindy Sutton

    Ket excellent post. Truly its all about testing tweeking and learning. Take the time and don't expect money to fall from the sky. You are bang on when it comes to the Definitive Guide to Google Adwords, my friends if you don't have this ebook then dont' bother.

  • kstai

    Thanks guys for the comments.

  • Great article!

    Just goes to show that Google Adwords and even to some extent PPC costs can be reduced -if you know how!

    In fact,the themse of my blog is: “Network Marketing doesn't have to be hard.”

  • We use Google Adwords for our B&B in Provence and we get quite a lot of leads through it! We are quite satisfied. When you use Google Adwords, you must not look at what you spend, but look at what you get!

    I haven't used it yet for my professional speaking business because I need some advices to find the right words I should use.

    Any help would be much appreciated 😉



  • ac

    great post. amazing conversion rate!


  • cherrycbd

    Hi Ket, it's really called marketing strategy,i am inspired by you again

  • nosmarketing

    Dr. Tai is an expert in PPC. Anyone considering joining a team that will teach them how to get out of lead poverty should contact Ket Sang Tai

  • kstai

    Thanks to your guidance Jim.

  • Awesome, Just Awesome. With knowledge and dedication here comes another DANGEROUS marketer. Watch out. You can learn a lot from the Dr. Tai

    Lawrence Tam
    MLM Engineer

  • Great post as always. I'm taking the advice and learning oh to do PPC better, takes some time but it will be worth it 🙂

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  • It always best to learn and study first all the things needed before entering a field like online business and marketing.

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  • Well, the words in this post certainly give me something to sit back and think about for a good long while.  I appreciate reading content that simultaneously challenges and entertains, and this is a first rate example! 

  • Very much great in information and fantastic topic. Love to see more stuff from you. So, great to read this. Thank you so much.

  • Steve

    Not bad figures… for a beginner. 😉

  • literally google adwords is very expensive for small business owners like us… i won’t sign up for it

  • Lk

    sounds great

  • Martin

    Am I missing something? You said you generated USD 776 from leads that cost you USD 740 to acquire leaving you a USD 36 difference/profit?

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