Lesson 1: Why Do You Even Bother?

Good question.

Why are you here? Why are you looking for a way to make money online?

There are many reasons. Your reason might not be the same as mine. However, it is important to really know your “WHY” because that is what will keep you going in hard time. Internet marketing is no easy and you will have ups and downs. So have a strong “WHY” and remind yourself all the time.

For me, despite making a good income from my job as a doctor, I don’t see it as a way to achieve true financial and time freedom. I can see my colleagues working hard and long hours until they are 60+ years old, often sacrificing time with family. I really don’t want it.

According to Best Selling Author, Robert Kiyosaki, you need to be in the “B” or “I” quadrant to achieve financial and time freedom. If you don’t know what Cashflow Quadrant is, watch the video below.


So if you want to escape the rat race and never to worry about money again, you have to be in the “B” quadrant. I teach people how to build a “B” quadrant business using the internet.

However, just wanting to be financially free is not a strong enough reason. You need to be more specific about your dream and goals. Let’s say your goal is to make $10,000 a month online, think about what are you going to do when you have that income and how would you feel once you achieve that goal?

For example, let’s say my goal is to make $50,000 a month online. When I achieve that, I can stay at home all day with my twin boys and never have to worry about their future. This gives me peace of mind and inner happiness.

So decide what you really want. Try to visualise it and try to live in it, as if it has happened. Try to imagine the actually feeling. Once you know exactly what you want, write it down in PRESENT TENSE as if it is happening.

Using the above example, I will write:

Today is xx year xx month xx day, I am sitting in balcony of my house overseeing the ocean, while my boys are happily playing with each other in the living room and my wife is swimming in the pool. I can feel the wind hitting my face. I look down at my bank statement I am holding, showing I have total deposit of $50,000 in the month of XX. I feel satisfied and happy that I have achieved the goal I set 6 months ago. Later today, I am going to visit a local charity centre to sponsor 10 children to their heart surgery next month.

Does this make sense? Make sure you write down yours.

I hope you learn something useful today.


Look out for my email tomorrow as I will talk about Different Ways of Making Money Online.


To Your Success,

Dr Ket-Sang Tai @ Project AA

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