Lesson 3: Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing

Welcome back again. I hope you already have an idea of how most people make money online after reading my first lesson. If you have not read it, go there now by click on this link.

So it sounds like Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing are the best ways to make money online, which one should you choose? You will hear different opinion on this but to me, Network Marketing is by far the better way. Lets me tell you the pros and cons of both and you can decide on your own.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has a lot of similarity to openning a retail shop, the only difference is you are selling other people’s products. The similarity lies in the fact that you only make money when you sell. You can make a lot of money this week by selling a lot but no money next week if you stop selling. You can make a lot of money but you can’t stop. You have to keep coming up with new products, new marketing strategies and making new sale. There is no long term residual income.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing:
Can make money faster if you know what you are doing.
Don’t have to network with other people or train people.

Cons of Affiliate Marekting:
Exchanging time with money
No leverage
Little or no long term residual income
Small commission per sales

Network Marketing

Network marketing is more like building a large corporation. It may be harder to set up and get the right people in place, but once the organization is up and running, it pretty much goes on autopilot. You can go for holiday and the money will still come in.

Pros of Network Marketing:
Leveraging other people’s time and effort
Great for long term residual
Act like an asset
Exponential growth once you set the right foundation

Cons of Network Marketing:
Harder to learn and build at the beginning
Have to work and deal with people

Hybrid Marketing Model

There is actually a new kind of business model which combine the best of both worlds. It is something you might want to learn a bit more as I believe it will set the trend for the future. I will talk about this later on in the series.


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To Your Success,

Dr Ket-Sang Tai


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