Bob Doesn’t Do Attraction Marketing

by Ket-Sang Tai

Previously I wrote about the 4 phases of building your MLM empire and how Attraction Marketing is a big part of that. Let me illustrate further why I think Attraction Marketing is an important part of marketing. We will look at what happened to Bob, a typical scenario which I am sure has happened to many of you.

The Excitement Of A New Business
Bob went to a home meeting and he decided to join a company, called X. He was so excited that he couldn’t sleep and wanted to start sharing it right away. He made a list of everyone he knows, some of the people on the list are friends he met online. He started calling them the next day.

The Right Person At The Right Time
Bob called John. John is Bob’s new Facebook friend. They met on Facebook a few weeks ago and had been chatting to each other about how they hate their job and want to start a new home business. The timing couldn’t be any better. John really liked what he saw and he wanted to join the business.

More Research. Everything Is Online These Days
Being an analytical guy, John told Bob: “Bob, you know I like to check thing out properly before I do anything. Today is Saturday. I will do some research over the next few days and I will join you on Wednesday. Can you just email me your link?” So John went on the Internet to read about the company, the pay plan and various reviews.

The Leader
While doing his research, John found Joe. Joe is in the same company. Joe has a strong presence online. He has a fantastic blog with photos with his family, his nice house and car. He also has a lot of good articles giving tips on building a MLM business. John started to think: “Well, Bob is a nice guy. I like him. However, he is new to the business and I am not sure if he can help me achieve success in this business. Joe on the other hand is very successful. If I can follow the exact formula or strategy Joe uses, I can be as successful as him!” Well….. guess who will John join?

The Painful Truth
John told Bob that he decided to join Joe. Bob was obviously very upset and angry. He might even quit the business.

That is how things work online these days. People do not join the person who introduce the business to them anymore. They search online for the leaders and join the leaders. So if you do not start to increase your presence online and be the leader yourself, you will find it hard to sponsor new distributor, no matter how much marketing you do. Period.

Watch this video if you are too lazy to read 🙂

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • We can all relate to that scenario about Bob, attraction marketing will definitely transform your business almost immediately. Thanks for painting the perfect picture.

  • Fara

    wow! this is so true. I am currently the John! and i can really connect with the scenario you just mentioned.
    Btw i found you via my Google Alert on WV. Researching on home based business, internet marketing & MLM for the 1st time

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