What is AMSMV?

by Ket-Sang Tai

You might have seen a website called AMSMV or have been invited to join the team. So what exactly is AMSMV? Is it a company, a business or a marketing system?

AMSMV is a team of top internet marketers who have achieved tremendous success doing internet marketing in the last few years. The leaders or creators of AMSMV is in fact the creator of MLM Lead System Pro, the leading attraction marketing system for network marketers. Over the last 12 months, they have generated more than 380,000 leads online and made a lot of money. However, what they realised is that although the internet is good for lead generation and sponsoring new distributors, it is not the best for retention. Althought it is possible to build relationship via the phone or videos, it is different from face to face. The largest MLM organisations in history are built offline.

With this in mind, they have decided to partner with a team of offline marketers in an attempt to combine online marketing with offline support and training. They did months of research on hundreds of companies and teams. Finally they picked Monavie as their vehicle and the offline team they partner with is called MVPMV. You probably can tell that AMSMV stand for Attraction Marketing System Monavie and MVPMV stands for Most Valuable People Monavie.

MVPMV and AMSMV have a common goal of building the largest network marekting organisation in human history. MVPMV provides offline meeting and support while AMSMV produces an online marketing and training system for all its members. The training they provide include social media marketing, video marketing, Pay Per Click, content marketing etc.

You might ask why Monavie? They were looking for a company which has a few years behind them and are gaining momentum. Monavie is at the exact sweet spot. They achieved billion dollars revenue in short 4 years history, a task which has never been done before and they are at the beginning of global expansion. There are also more people making money in Monavie than any other companies.

So if you are looking to build a strong organisation combining online and offline marketing strategies, then AMSMV might be for you.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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