The 4 Steps In Overcoming Objections in MLM

by Ket-Sang Tai

There are 4 steps you need to follow in trying to overcome people’s objections to your MLM opportunity. A lot of people are struggling because they don’t understand these 4 steps and do it the wrong way.

Step 1: Build Rapport

This is extremely important. Without rapport your prospects will not tell you their real need or objection. There will be no trust and your chance of sponsoring them is near zero. Always remember “Rapport First – Sponsoring Second”. It doesn’t matter if you are using old school prospecting or internet marketing, rapport is extremely important.

Step 2: Pre-Qualify
This is the process of finding out if someone is really looking for an opportunity or at least open to ideas. This is also the process of you judging if he or she is someone you want to work with. Before pre-qualifying, you have suspects, not prospects. People who go through the pre-qualifying process become the real prospects. These are the people you really want to spend time with. Essentially your 2 main goals of pre-qualifying are to find out:

a) If they are open to or actively seeking an opportunity.
Most people who opted into your marketing page for more information have passed this process. They are actively looking or at least open to it, otherwise they wouldn’t have entered their names, emails and even phone numbers.

b) If they are the person you want to work with.
So your first contact with them is to find out more about them. Listen to their story to see if they can potentially be good business partners. Keep an open mind and do not prejudge too early.

Step 3: Find Out Their NEED
There is always a good reason behind everything we do and every decision we make. Find out why are they looking for a business opportunity. Find out what their “real” need is. Please note that you only get to know the “real” need after you have built rapport, otherwise they will not tell you the truth. The need can be related to money or time or both. Try to get into more details. “I want more money” is not a good enough need. “I want more money because I love my son and I want him to go to private school” or “I want more money because my mum is ill and I want her to be treated privately” are good reasons or needs. Try to go deep into their heart.

Step 4: Overcome The Objection
Now you need to find out what the “real” objection is. Again I emphasize “real” because some objections are not real. Find out more about the objection, explore further and get to the root. After that, overcome the objection with a story and remind them of their own need or reason. If someone has a strong need or reason, the objections are usually easy to overcome. I will go through a few of common objections on my next post.

I hope these steps make sense to you. Please feel free to share, retweet and leave comments.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • paulhutchings

    Wow. This is the magic formula to successful recruiting. It's really simple but until you actually get into the swing of practicing these steps on a daily basis it can be somewhat confusing. Thanks for breaking it down in simple, easy to follow steps.

  • Oliver Carvajal

    Interesting process. What is a rapport more precisely?

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