10 Ways To Make 2011 A Better Year (in your MLM business)

by Ket-Sang Tai

At the end of last year, I wrote an article about the 10 ways to make 2010 a better year. If you have not read it, you can find it here. This year, I am going to give you another 10 tips to have a better year (2011) in term of making money in your MLM business.

1. Find A MLM

Yes of course this is the first thing you need to do. If you are already in a MLM business you are committed to, then you are sorted. If you are still looking, find one with the best training, support and system. The company, compensation plan and products are also important but I believe you should put more emphasis in the training, support and system, as without these, you will not succeed in any business regardless of how good the company or products are.

2. Stick With One MLM For The Next 12 Months

Once you have found the right opportunity, stop looking. Do not even consider anything else. Although as a whole we should be open-minded but for the sake of making money in MLM in the next 12 months, be close-minded and laser-focused for the next 12 months. If someone shows you a ground floor, prelaunch or “the best and latest” opportunity, say “no” and “thank you” politely. There is only one good opportunity in 2011 and that is the one you are in. Period.

3. Find A Mentor

Find a successful leader in your company and learn from him or her. Your mentor does not have to be your direct sponsor but preferbly in your upline support team to ensure that they have a strong interest in your success. You can also find a generic coach outside your MLM but please be careful about this as there are a lot of so called “gurus” or “coaches” whose main goal is to sell you their expensive tools.

4. Use A System

System, either online or offline, is essential to your success in MLM. Hopefully the company or team you choose will provide you with a good system. If not, you can always find a generic marketing system to use. If your company has a binary compensation plan, WTPower Builder is a great generic system you can use. I don’t particularly recommend one of those complicated “Attraction Marketing” system because personal experience and experiences from many successful network marketers tell me that those system are too complicated to allow duplication.

5. Expose Your Business To 2 Person A Day

Either online or offline, try to expose your business opportunity or products to at least 2 person a day. If you commit yourself to doing this, you will have 730 exposures in the next 12 month just by doing this simple task.

6. Use The Products

I really don’t understand people who are in MLM but do not use their own products. Can you imagine you own a coffee shop and you go buy coffee from Starbucks? What does that say about your own product? If you want your customers or members to believe in it, you better believe in it yourself. Set an example and be the product of the products.

7. Attend at least 1 Major Event

If you can, do this at the beginning of the year. Most companies have major events like conventions or conferences in major countries they are in. Get to the event and bring some people with you. It is a well known fact that events create momentum in businesses. This is what the successful people do. So to be successful, you have to do it too.

8. Commit To Personal Development

Find a way you can constantly improve yourself. Set yourself a goal on how many personal development books or audios  you want to go through in the next 12 months. I highly recommend Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy’s products. If you want a good MLM related training audio, Eric Worre’s Go Pro is a good buy.

9. Be Professional

Treat it as a real business and be professional about it. Stop treating your business as a hobby or put it on hold when you are busy. If you have spent $1 million buying a McDonald franchise, will you stop doing business when you are too busy with other “stuffs”? Treat your MLM business as a real business and your only ticket to financial freedom. Be proud of what you do and be professional.

10. Commit Yourself and Your Team to The Steps Above

Be accountable to yourself and be responsible to your own success or failure (hopefully not). Make you follow all those steps mentioned above, and more importantly, get your team members to follow as well!

I do honestly think if you can do all these in 2011 consistently, there is NO REASON why you can’t make money. Tell me at the end of 2011 how you get on!

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Hi Ket! 10 ways to succeed in 2011! 1 more way to add.. is that I Found You!! 🙂 Without you, VTA won’t grow like crazy in the past 6 months 🙂 See you at the top in 2011!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Ding. It is my pleasure to have someone like you in the team.

  • Moslemanoar

    Agree Dr. Ket,

    And Don’t Quit Too Soon

    There are lots of factors that contribute to one’s failure in Network Marketing business and here are just two of them. One quit too soon. We are constantly reminded that we will be facing obstacles and challenges on our way to time and financial freedom, challenges in the MLM industry are no exceptions.

    What we normally face in this industry are rejections from close friends and families whom we tried to invite to look at our business. Normally this happens in the early stage of our business because we lack of skills and experience and we do not really know how to do the invitation properly. What makes thing worst is that most of us feel that we are being rejected as a person. This leads to a very high drop-out rate at the early stage of the business entry. This has a lot to do with the way we understand the law of success.

    Just ponder for a moment, people are willing to go to work everyday 9 to 5, caught up in traffic jam for hours and pressured by bosses and many more for 25 years just to earn $1500 to $5000 per month. If we are willing to do that just for that kind of money how then should our effort be when our goal is to make $20,000 to more than $100,000 a month? Of course 10 times harder than 9 to 5 job.

    If we want “big money”, we have to dream big, put in massive effort and face big challenges heads on. Those few rejections are nothing, compared to our inevitable success later in this journey.

    Therefore we should change the way of think and start to change the way we approach our business, do not treat it like a hobby, period! If we dream to become successful entrepreneurs without taking necessary actions toward achieving it we might just as well go to sleep all day and night because that is what we will get – just a dream.

    The other significant factor that contribute to our failure is lack of self-improvement. Those involve in the industry have to equip themselves with knowledge. This can be done through reading, training, seminars, duologue, forums and self-help audio/video.

    Through many years of my involvement in the consultancy industry, I found out that what really separates the successful and those non-performers is simply their knowledge and actions. Non-performers typically just do not “read”. Since there is no feedback of valuable information or knowledge, their entrepreneurship levels stay as they were from the beginning. This also results in status quo indefinitely.

    If they do read they will prefer unrelated materials like entertainment, sports, ghost stories and the like. Some will attend government or private seminars on entrepreneurship and related subjects in order to acquire the attendance certificate for the purpose of applying financial loans and not for the knowledge.

    That is why since they are too lazy to do the activities which would bring them closer to their goals, they will discover how “lazy” money can be, “moving” towards them.

    The first Quranic verse revealed states “Read…”. This is a direct indication of the importance of reading (gaining knowledge). But only too few would heed the instruction.

    By constantly feeding our minds with renewed information we can increase our knowledge. This is important because all of our actions begin in the mind. This was proven in a study conducted in the span of 20 years, on successful individuals in early 1900’s by Napoleon Hill.

    To arrive at this conclusion he interviewed around 504 individuals who were successful in their respective fields back then. These includes Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Wilbur Wright, John D. Rockefeller, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles M. Schwab and many more. The findings of this research have resulted in one of the most influential motivational book in the world until today – Think And Grow Rich. Among other things the study concludes that firstly “Thoughts Are Things” which means all of our outward actions are initiated from within our mind. Another important finding which has a direct impact on our life is whatever we constantly believe we can achieve. InshaAllah God willing.

    Best regards,

    Moslem Anoar

  • Moon Loh

    Yes, agree that those are the good points to follow. There is REALLY no reason why someone cannot make money in Network Marketing industry. It’s my pleasure to work with a real leader like you in my primary business. I do look forward to Year 2011, our best year to succeed! 🙂

  • Itymcleo

    This will definitely require some minimum capital outlay which I am concerned about. I really believe that nothing works without initial investment/capital outlay. This is my doubt abt most MLMs. I have not much funds to spare and therefore this is probably not an option for me much as I hope it will work for me.

  • liked and shared 🙂 thanks Dr. Ket!

  • Anonymous

    Moslem, thanks for your long comment. I agree with everything you said. Think and Grow Rich is a great book everyone should read.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Moon. It is my pleasure working with you.

  • Anonymous

    Hope you will be able to take the step one day. Don’t give up!

  • Don’t give up my friend. You can find the way. People have already proven that not having money is a deal breaker. There have been many people who have come from homeless to making it in business. Just believe and don’t give up. It may take you longer but it’s not a race, it’s a marathon. By the way, hosting a blog and driving traffic is mostly free. It’s the training that you have to take care of.

  • holmes_297

    This is some of the best advice I’ve found online.  It really boils down to commitment.  Most people simply aren’t willing to make the required sacrifice.  This applies to MLM, marriage, investing, weight loss and anything else.

    We are a “want it now” society.  But all successful people pay their dues and do the work.

    Great blog and great post Dr. Ket!


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your comment Chunk

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