10 Ways To Make 2010 A Better Year

by Ket-Sang Tai

We ought to always reflect on the past and plan for the future. December and January is good time to sit down in a quiet place, clear your mind and reset your goal. Do you want 2010 to be a better year? There are a few things you can do which I guarantee will make some positive changes to your life in 2010. This list is not the usualy set your goal and work hard type of thing. Lets check it out.

1. Relive your childhood
Talk to your parents about your childhood. What were you like as a child? What did you like? Look back at some of the childhood photos or videos. We all have big dreams when we were young. Somehow that dream disappeared when we grew up and faced the real world. For most people their childhood dreams are bigger than their current dreams. So go back in time and find out who you are and what you really want!

2. Look back at your achievements
Dig out all the trophies you have won in school. Look at all the prizes, certificates and awards you have ever won. Learn to be proud of yourself. Create a sense of achievement and build your confidence.

3. Clean your house
Your mind is only going to be as good as your environment. You should spend one weekend cleaning your house, digging out all those junks in your store room and loft and get rib of them. Pay more attention to your work space.

4. Tell your wife or girlfriend you love her (do as frequent as you like)
If you are not currently doing that, try it and you will see the profound effect. You have to trust me on this.

5. Make regular donation to charity
You don’t have to be rich to do this. Every cent or penny counts when it comes to charity. If you really don’t have money, start a project and raise fund for it. You do the work and others pay for it.

6. Plan your favourite holiday for the end of the year
You can even book it now and pay for it so that you have something to look forward to. When you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, you will feel better if something bad happen to you. Don’t forget to buy travel insurance thought, just in case.

7. Buy a big water bottle
Dehydration is one of the main causes of tiredness and lose of concentration. People these days don’t drink enough water. Too much tea or coffee can cause irritation and palpitation. So you should try to drink more water and have a big bottle of water with you all the time.

8. Think about other people first
Stop being self centered and always think about other people first. Try to help, serve and contribute to others before you think about your own benefit. You will be surprised to learn that the more you give, the more you get.

9. Be yourself
Stop pretending to be someone else. You are unique and you should be proud of yourself. You can do better than anyone else if you want to.

10. Visit KetSangTai.com everyday… no just kidding. No.10 is make some new friends!
Expand your social circle and make new friends and connections, especially high quality and influencial people in your area of work or business. Networking and surrounding yourself with successful people can really change your mindset, which is the most important ingredients of success in life and business.

Of course the usual things like setting your goal, working hard, be organised and doing exercise etc are still important. I hope you have a good 2010 and if you do any of the things listed above, come back to this blog post at the end of 2010 and leave some comment!

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Awesome list there Ket-Sang, I don't know why but no.7 is most effective for me lol.


  • Can't say better myself. 100% true!!!!!!!!

  • Bernardus

    I have achieved all my goals that I set out to do since a child up to my latest challenge, which is to become successful in network marketing. These are 10 good ways to improve my 2010, thank you. Number 6 though, is one that I do not have much experience of. I always have to do something. It is like I cannot sit still, something drives me to not be able to just do nothing. It has to do with my upbringing I suppose, my dad and I always had something to do everyday. Never had many friends. There was no time to just sit idling. I make up for it though in the sense that I regularly go to the beach for walks or go swimming 20, 50m lengths at the public pool or go for a fun ride on my motorcycle or with my Valliant VIP 1973 model. As you can see, even when I go to relax, I have to walk or swim or ride. Generally I do not go on holiday at this point. Once I reach a certain level of success in my business, then I will contemplate going on holiday's and travelling as mentioned in my application form. I am on my computer night and day now to learn about the system because I want to learn as quick as possible how to maximise my success and those of the people that join me. I go online at 06:20 and go off at 23:45 I will do this until I reach a point where I know that everything is set up correctly and that I am able to generate leads. This is when I will have value to be able to help others. Until such time, I cannot find peace of mind. When I am awake, I want to achieve this goal. I hope that this will give a bit of insight into the kind of person that I am. I wish you and the rest of the team a great and prosperous year.

  • Suhana

    a very practical list… not over-ambitious… just plain mortal…
    i did no. 3 even before i open my email today and yes… it felt great to find the missing magazines buried somewhere .. ha ha .. and like Seb, i find no.7 very crucial altho we've already known about its significance.. note to self : must.. drink.. more ..water..this year……great thinking there Ket-Sang!

  • Dr. K S Tai,

    A remarkable piece of opinion which will remind ourselves to be ready to excel in all endevours. Hopefully, in a very near future I can catch up some if not all my ambitions, at least I would be able to ease somebody's burdens whose lives are less fortunate.

    BTW nice talking to you in the Skype. When will you be in Sabah? Let me know.

  • nice sharing. i like number 4 and 7. its really work

  • Zainolabidin Ahmad

    Thank for your brriliant comment – the 10 tips really enlighten me int he morning. thank you

  • nordinshafie

    Thank you very much for your advice. Hope this year will be a good year for everybody looking for success.


  • Ket,
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom — some great advice for us all!

  • Love the list, I must admit I need to do more of #2 for my office, still haven't unpacked from the move to my hew house, that was in June… LOL I hate cleaning but it's a necessary evil.

  • helenpeart

    Great blog and it is so true.

  • Review the past, clean the house and plan for 2010. That's right. I like your post, thank you!

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